How To Write Highly Informative Articles That Convert Well

Whenever you are writing any articles containing advertising or affiliate links it is very important to make a thourogh listing of all of that products (Benefits and Features!)                              
For Everyone Who Has Ever Struggled Sorting Out Benefits From Features  - "SWAT Them!" SWAT is not actually an acronym. It is a compaction of the question "so what?" You see, one of the biggest problems that even experienced online marketers and copywriters fall into is being clear on what advantages their products and services really provide to their clients. SWAT offers the solution. Here is how it works: Take a notepad. Divide it into columns with one-headed features and one-headed advantages. Under the features column list all the functions that enter your mind. Under the benefits column list all the advantages you provide. Don't worry about neatness !  There will not be a one-to-one correspondence between advantages and functions.  Now, get yourself back in your client's frame of mind. Take each function in turn and ask yourself "SO WHAT?". And continue asking the question until you can't consider any reasonable, benefit-oriented, answer.  Do this for each function in your list. Now return and repeat the procedure for each advantage you initially listed. It is quite particular that the exact same benefits will take place a lot of times over as you go through this exercise. That's fine. These are the ultimate benefits you have been searching for. These are the benefits you will 'offer' to your customer. An example. I wear a quite low-cost and ugly scuba diver's watch. Its functions include water evidence to 50m (that's about 164 feet) accurate to 1 2nd per year tells the time in 2-time zones dual analog and digital display shockproof stopwatch backlight day, month date function. 5-year battery life. Now for particular prospects, this list of features is pretty powerful on its own. Mainly boys who like to dazzle their pals with the current gadgets and gizmos. Let's attempt to figure out some marketable benefits for a larger audience. " Waterproof to 50m". So what? You can wear the watch while diving. What? You can be sure it is waterproof enough for all everyday use. So what? You can put the watch on and forget it - no matter what you are doing. What? Accurate timekeeping -anytime, just about anywhere. So what? I am now stuck. I am quite pleased with the last couple above. Either of them talks to me about the real benefits the watch might bring. Now I would need to disappear and do the same thing for all of the other features. When I initially did this workout I ended up with over 120 benefits (and this for something that is certainly pretty inexpensive and ugly). I am not going to do that here again. The benefits that kept duplicating were the go anywhere, do anything, super precise timekeeping. I had the ability to produce 30 plus advantage-driven headlines. And I had no trouble in figuring out the gain from the features. And all in a little over an hour. Appears a pity that I don't actually offer watches. It is quite particular that the exact same advantages will occur lots of times over as you run through this workout. (These are the supreme benefits you have been looking for). These are the benefits you will 'sell' to your consumer. Either of them talks to me about the real benefits the watch might bring. When I initially did this workout I ended up with over 120 advantages (and this for something that is absolutely quite cheap and ugly).

Lionel Gilstrap

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